depop username: coppergardenx

If you didn’t already see, I am on depop. I used to have an account ages ago that I shut down but after much anticipation its back. As a student, I’ve got a lot to save for and not a lot of pennies to do so. The average third year student on my course spends £3,000 (of which I’ve saved £3) so I decided to sell all the things in my wardrobe that I didn’t want to fund a tiny part of that. 

My wardrobe consists of mostly new clothing but there is the odd vintage gem – so something that everyone would like. Most of what I’m selling is new/barely worn and a fair amount still has tags because I just have so much that I barely wear any of it. I buy all kinds of sizes so there is everything from a size 8 to a size 18 and all shoes are a size 5. 

Let me know if you’d like anything and if you’ve been sent from this post then you get a 10% discount! Just let me know by commenting ‘Blog loving’ on the item! 🙂

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