Wednesday, 1 April 2015


rodial glamsticks+
psycho (here)
wet (here)

Being such a fanatic when it comes to collecting lip products, I simply couldn't resist these lip butters. There is something about having a moisturiser and lipstick in one that makes them much more appealing to me. Rodial is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands and they seem to crop up a fair amount in my beauty discussions, I just can't resist when their make-up is so good! My favourite product of theirs is the Glamstick lip butters which admittedly, I've had for quite a while and only just gotten around to blogging about - terrible!

The Glamsticks are tinted and full of Vitamin E and cocoa butter so they give lips a gorgeous colour while keeping them moisturised. The tint is fairly subtle but still vibrant as you can see from the picture above. Psycho is the darker shade which is a well pigmented pinky-red and it looks beautiful alone or over a dark pink/red lipstick for added shine. Wet is much lighter and looks like a lipgloss when its used on its own - although without the sticky finish. 

I would highly recommend buying these as a staple to your lip collection. They cost £25 but last for so long that its worth the investment - mine are still going strong after a month or so! I've noticed that my lips are much more moisturised and the colour stays for long enough to rarely need to re-apply. 

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