cream eyeshadow stylo ‘blue pearl’ (here)+
gel eyeliner (here)+
bronze and highlight powder ‘warm pearl’ (here)+
lipgloss trio ‘coral pearl, pink pearl, berry pearl’ (here)+

I want to start by saying that I will not be throwing away the packaging – its beautiful! I’m a sucker for packaging and rarely throw it away, like a true hoarder. This collection was lovingly gifted to me by Elizabeth Arden who talked me through all of the products so I knew exactly how to talk about them to you guys – aren’t you lucky!? 

Elizabeth Arden have launched the limited edition Sunkissed Pearl collection for Spring/Summer which is a range of beautifully coloured products to brighten your make-up this season. I personally can’t wait to take these on holiday with me because they’d look gorgeous with a tan! All of the colours are inspired by the mysterious tones of the sea. I own about half of the collection and eagerly awaiting payday to buy the other half.

My favourite of the collection has to be the powder which has a trio of shades to easily/quickly contour your cheeks for a sunkissed glow. The shades are subtle but gorgeous and I like that you could use one without the others too. They go really well with the lipglosses which are highly pigmented and have a shimmer to them that will look gorgeous in the sunshine – the fact they come in a three is good too as it means you have every shade you need for summer in one place.

The other two products are both for eyes. The first is the eyeshadow crayon which is a deep green shade that brings out my eye colour really well. This is a very ‘stay easy’ product and takes a stubborn removal to go – meaning it will last well through any occasion (it also has a sharpener inside the end, which none of us realised!). And finally is the gel eyeliner which is incredible, but I am still learning how to use it. I’ve never really used gel eyeliners before so its a bit tricky to get used to but we shall see. It comes with a handy angled brush for easy application.

So that is everything that I have from the collection and I would definitely recommend that you get your hands on something before its gone. I will be filming a tutorial at some point using them so you can see how beautiful they are.


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