Thursday, 12 March 2015


lipstick // depth, topshop (here)
cropped jumper // vera moda via get the label (here)+
belt // new look (here)
mom jeans // new look (here)
dkny flats // shoeaholics (here)+

I apologise for the quality of these pictures. I loved the outfit and hadn't got any better ones to post so thought that I'd use these as my last 'bad' ones. Josh has been my photographer over this weekend so don't fret - there will be more coming your way which are new and improved. 

This outfit is fairly simple and one that I regularly wear on casual uni days. The shoes are my favourite coming from DKNY and costing £39 from Shoeaholics (£80 if you buy them straight from DKNY!). I love the fit of these and the fact that despite being just a monochrome shoe, they stand out more. When they are teamed with a basic outfit like this, they stand out so much more.

The mom jeans are so comfortable and pretty much feel like pyjamas. They were brought in the sales back in October for only £12 and online you can still get them for a lower price. 
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