Wednesday, 11 March 2015


yummy mummy body conditioner (here)+
yummy mummy shower gel (here)+
mother superior bubbleroon (here)+
rose bombshell (here)+
love you mum soap (here)+

For Mothers Day, Lush always release a gorgeous range of limited edition products and this years products are the first I've tried. I have to admit, I'd still use all of these myself even they are meant for mummies! 

So within the beautifully bright and floral packaging was five products - instantly giving my bedroom a mixture of fragrances when I opened it. This is the first parcel that I've ever received from Lush as I normally buy in store, but it definitely won't be the last. Each of the products was drowned in foam pieces to protect it - each still being perfectly intact.

The first two products were in the 'yummy mummy' range, a body conditioner and a shower gel. These both have a similar scent which is fairly familiar to chocolate strawberries however the shower gel is slightly more orange. I've only used the shower gel so far and its incredible, lathering up really well and the scent lingers after you've rinsed it away. 

Secondly is the soap, shaped like a giant flower in a deep red tone. Its actually a section of a bigger soap which has an image of tulips with these flowers around it. I kind of want to get my hands on a slice because the colours are so lovely! The soap contains bergamont and jasmine, promising to uplift and refresh. This would be the perfect morning soap or if its split into smaller sections, a hand soap.

Lastly is the two bath products; a bath bomb and bubbleroon. Rose Bombshell smells very classically floral and when used, rose petals float out of the centre, leaving you with a creamy, floral bath to relax in. The bubbleroon is a bright blue, mother theresa inspired creation. With ingredients such as orange, lemon and jasmine it is definitely my favourite - I can't wait to hop into a bath and use it! 

As you can tell, I've only tried two of the products at the moment but I thought that I'd mention them to you before Mothers Day as a 'haul/mini review' incase you wanted some mummy-inspo! Some of these products will definitely be going to my mum while others, like mother superior, I'll be keeping! 

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