i love obsession ‘paris’ palette (here)+
i love obsession ‘pure cult’ palette (here)+

It’s no secret that a fair amount of my make-up collection comes from Make Up Revolution. Their products are so high quality and affordable that it’s hard to resist buying them on a regular basis. These palettes are part of the ‘I Love Obsession’ collection in which there are five palettes with five different colour combinations, each with ten gorgeous shades. The palettes that I own are Paris and Pure Cult – one is very neutral with more shimmery pastels while the other is a little more pink and colourful. I quite like that each shade has writing or a heart as I think it makes them a bit prettier.

Lets begin with the more neutral palette; Pure Cult. The colours range from a very nude shade through to a dark brown. I quite like the variations as they all go with one another to work as a smokey eye but they are different enough to give a lot of choice. Only four of the shades are matte with the remaining six being shimmer as you can see from the last image above. If you look at the shades swatched (L-R above), they do look a little more pink but this could be due to the lighting as compact, they seem to be golden and brown. 

The second palette is Paris which features a larger range of shades. The lightest is a pearly white fading through a few colours and ending with a deep brown and navy blue. Within this palette, there are a few browns and golds with the other couple being grey, purple, pinks and navy. I love the fact that this mixes it slightly as I find most palettes are mainly white-black or nude-gold-browns. This, again has four matte and six shimmer tones.

Both palettes are really highly pigmented as you can see from the swatches and I find that they last considerably throughout the day. There isn’t a crease line left on my eyelid and they can be easily removed with micellar water without staining the skin. I think the only downfall is that these palettes come with the dreaded double-ended eyeshadow sponge which I’ve not seen anyone use since the 90s. Other than that, I can’t fault these at all and they’ve kept up with the make up revolution standard.

Each palette costs £3.99 and can be brought in Superdrug or direct from the Makeup Revolution website!



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  1. Claire Cavanagh
    March 18, 2015 / 1:29 pm

    Ooh I love the look of Pure Cult. I agree those eyeshadow applicators are fully pointless, but if that's the only negative of a product then it's not too bad I suppose 🙂

    Claire | Stylingo | xx

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