At the best of times, I am quite a negative person. I have a nagging voice in my head that pesters me to focus on how quickly other people are gaining followers and improving their content while I am stuck in the same place. I guess its down to comparing myself to others – which its really hard not to do when blogging and youtube are quickly turning into this world that was once unknown. 

I have known and been a part of the youtube since I had my first channel age 17 (way back in 2009) and to me, its craziness how much its grown and how widely recognised it is. There are now millions of youtubers, bloggers and outstanding content floating around that its hard not to get sucked into the comparisons. I decided to write this post as a sort of ‘click back to’ when I am feeling down about it all because we should always feel positive about our achievements, no matter what shape or size they come in.

1. Just breathe
In reality, its probably absolutely nothing that you are feeling down about. Take a deep breath and reconsider your thoughts – is it really worth getting stressed over?

2. Take a step back
Often with blogging/vlogging, it can be hard to switch off. The world is always so tuned in to checking social media that we forget to have a life outside of it. My favourite thing to do when I want to just get away is to turn my phone to airplane mode and read a book. Whether this is in the bath or curled up in bed, its so relaxing and helps me to reach a calm place in my mind.

3. Realise why you feel down/constructive criticism for change
I normally have a specific reason(s) as to why I feel down; the lighting of my pictures, the style of my writing, the editing of my video.. the list goes on. I find having a notebook to write everything down fairly therapeutic, getting my thoughts down on paper allows me to focus on changing. It feels good to let your thoughts flow out and relieve the tensions.

4. Don’t compare yourself to other people
Preaching this one. With celebs like Zoella and Tanya Burr having millions of followers, its hard not to compare yourself. These girls do blogging and youtube for a living, they have much more time/help/money to be able to focus on regular, high quality content. Everyone is different; their photography, writing style, fashion sense and content is completely different. You are your own person so focus on being the best you and not trying to be a good them.

5. Work towards change 
So that it doesn’t bother you again, actively work to change what bothered you.  A recent example is my photography which wasn’t set up or bright so I actively researched how to use my camera in an effort to improve my videos/posts. Learning about ISO and Aperture is baffling but once you’ve got it, it just gets better and there are hundreds of youtubers and bloggers who tackle ‘how to’ videos for all of it. I am also buying a vlogging camera on payday so that the quality of those improves as I am planning to vlog more often!

6. Remember that you have followers for a reason
Your content must be good or nobody would read it, right? Don’t focus on how many other people have but focus on how far you’ve come. Even having 100 followers is something as it means that 100 people enjoy what you are doing. Focus on how far you’ve come because the blogging world is so vast that it means a lot for even one person to find your space on the internet.

I am actively working to stop being so negative as it brings me down a lot. These tips are all things which have helped me and I continue to use. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gives you a little idea into improving your positivity. Just remember, you are the best version of you!



  1. March 27, 2015 / 10:15 am

    I love this, Jess! It's soo true and you're right that it's easy to get caught up in it all and lose motivation! Carry on as you are, because I think you're doing really well! xx

  2. March 27, 2015 / 1:56 pm

    This is so, SO important Jess – thank you for this post. I think every internet personality can relate to this .. I'm ridiculously self-critical but it's important to stay grounded and remember how far you've come.

    Beth xox.

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