As much as I tried to keep on top of blog posts, life does get in the way. I'm not going to apologise for putting my university studies first - nor am I going to admit to being a 'bad blogger' for not keeping up with content. 

You might of noticed that I do schedule a lot of my outfit posts which is purely because I take the pictures on days when I'm free (which isn't often and I also use these days to catch up on sleep). I spend the entire day photographing, editing and writing up the posts to make sure that there is at least a weeks worth of content.. which is bloody tiring! To be honest, when I came back from Christmas break there was a huge part of me wanting to film at least once a week and upload daily to my blog - that so didn't happen. Blogging is quite a high demand hobby in terms of time management (something which I suffer with)

However, as much as I love my daily outfit posts, I am going to try and squash in more posts along the lines of juggling blogging/university/work, how my first term went at uni to follow from freshers and many more - just to mix it up a little bit.

I hope that you still enjoy reading Copper Garden as much as I enjoy uploading content!



  1. scheduled or no I love your outfit posts, your such a pretty lady x

  2. I'm totally the same at the moment, just living and breathing uni and work ahhh :)

    Sophie x

  3. I just recently came back to blogging after taking over a year off! I forgot how time consuming it can be putting up a worthwhile post!

    Kath xo


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