Sophia With Love Jewellery

Over the weekend I got some lovely bits from Sophia, who has begun her own boutique online stocking beautiful jewellery. I browsed the shop for hours the other night and couldn't pick any items that I loved over the rest!

Sophia With Love sell all jewellery items from bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, beads, etc. There is quite a wide selection to choose from so there is something for any girlie in your life that you want to treat! 

My favourite has to be the rose ring, (which comes in other colours), I love the fact its adjustable because my fingers are skeletal meaning no rings ever fit me ..and at only £2 its a steal! Everything featured is a reasonable price at under £10.

I really hope you go and have a look at the boutique because no matter what your style, you will find something you adore!

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  1. i got some jewellery from Sophia, i totally agree about the ring, i have thin fingers too and find it hard to get rings to fit but these are perfect because there adjustable, nice post :) xx

  2. I have two rose rings and adore them :) great post babe xx

  3. The rose to his gorgeous. It all looks lovely xx

  4. Love it all! I am going to go have a look now:) xxxx

  5. I like both the bracelets! I'm going to go and have a look :)

  6. Everything on this site is just beautiful! I agree about the ring, you're so right! xx

  7. it really looks like she has some great pieces! have fun with your new accessories and i wish her the best of luck with her shop!!
    xx rae

  8. wow nice collection XD ....

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  9. ooh, very pretty ..I shall have a look right now. :)

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Handbags & Fashion Jewellery


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